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2013 Jazz Auditions (Both for OHS and IMEA)

Jazz band will have auditions on Tuesday, September 3rd. There will be a short Jazz Workshop on Tuesday, August 27th to go over the material. Below are the PDF’s and mp3′s of the material for the auditions. For the auditions for our school, you will use the Jim Snidero etude “Lunar”, and solo on an F blues. There is another song attached to your PDF called “Aaron’s Blues”, which you will only need if you make it into Jazz 1. You can also listen/download the recordings of the pieces. You will play a section of the etude, and two choruses of F blues. Drummers, you will play the drumset etude, and trade fours with yourself (play time for four measures, solo for four measures, back and forth).

“Lunar” recording, by Jim Snidero
F Blues improv play-along

Alto Audition Stuff
Tenor Audition Stuff
Bari Audition Stuff
Trumpet Audition Stuff
Bone Audition Stuff
Bass Bone Audition Stuff
Piano Audition Stuff
Vibes Audition Stuff
Guitar Audition Stuff
Bass Audition Stuff
Drums Audition Stuff

Blues in F Concert mp3
Lunar (trombone) mp3
Lunar (Alto Sax)mp3
Lunar (Tenor Sax)mp3
Lunar (General)mp3
F Blues for Eb instruments (alto and bari sax)sheet music
F Blues for Bass Clef instruments (Trombone and bass)sheet music
F Blues for Bb instruments (Tenor sax, trumpet, and clarinet)sheet music
F Blues for C Treble instruments (vibes, guitar, piano, flute)sheet music

Drumset Etude

If you make the OHS Jazz Ensemble 1, you WILL be auditioning for IMEA Jazz Band. You will play the above music, plus the song “Aaron’s Blues”. You must audition on the first parts, which are below in PDF form. You can also download and listen to the recording via the link below. (to download it, right click the link and choose “Save as” to save it to your computer.
Link to listen to “Aaron’s Blues”